Attended a Success Summit organized by my local church and one of the seminars buttress the need of developing our analytical skill. Emphasis drawn for Daniel 1 vs 4, 20; 5vs12-14, the reader will notice the distinguishing factor between Daniel and other young men who were to serve in the palace.
Briefly, they are Skillful in all wisdom, Cunning in understanding science, i.e, being analytical and providing solution to man’s problems, they had excellent spirit, knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, they had the ability to dissolve hard sentences and doubt.
We all will agreed that they had the God factor, yet they worked on their skill. You’ll remember that Daniel said he understood the times because he had read the prophecies of Jeremiah, that proofs the point that being studious would help develop your reasoning ability. In Isaiah 41v21 we are told to bring forth Strong Reasons. Thinking will sharpen us analytically. That’s where we probe the secrets of nature.