“You had better start jogging” concluded Ellen Goodman in her book “Being a Secretary can be Hazardous to your health” an expos of the average working class woman’s life activities and how it is hampering her life and that of her nuclear fa


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Stress! Apart from anxiety has been the leading cause of coronary disease especially among working class women in her words “In the prestigious Framingham study, Dr. Suzanne Haynes, an epidemiologist with the National Heart, lung and blood Institute, found that working women as a whole have no higher rate of heart disease than housewives. But women employed in clerical and sales occupations do. Their coronary disease rates are twice that of other women.”
Generally, occupation plays a major role in determining one’s health status. Reason being that one’s time usage, eating habit, sleeping period and host of others are all determined by it Ellen Goodman has this to say “…in short, being frustrated, dead-ended, without a feeling of control over your life is bad for your health.” Racing against time at the expense of your health could prove disastrous, activities such as jogging, cycling, sprinting, swimming; etc would help one stay in shape and prevent heart disease. “People who are physically fit have a lower risk of heart disease” – Oxford Dictionary.
Furthermore, diet lowers the risk of heart disease. For example, eating of fruit and vegetables regularly would enhance your immune system in fighting diseases. On the other hand, eating of junks, drinking of carbonated drinks would overtime lead to obesity which in turn has it toll on the heart. In the case of carbonated drinks it causes heart burn upon belching. Wrong timing of food intake, inappropriate food combination or like we were told in primary school “balanced diet”.
In all, we must bear in mind that being busy doesn’t necessary mean being productive. So, create some time for exercising the body like in the morning and think on eating properly.


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