As a continuation of my first post on this theme “Don’t miss it” I believe you were blessed by it. Today I’ll be continuing with six more. It is important to sit back and prayerfully consider these points to get maximum benefits out of them and in a broader sense out of life.
Once again, ‘there are certain things you cannot afford to miss as you journey through life because they make your journey fruitful and worthwhile’.
5. Don’t miss the true solution to life’s problems. Jesus is the solution to the world’s problems. Missing Him exposes you to a life of hardships and struggles.
6. Don’t miss the Great Commission. If there’s any reason Christ’s coming is still delayed it will be because there’s yet a lost man who hasn’t had the chance to hear of the Saviour’s love (Matthew 24:14). Don’t miss giving out the message of God’s love; you may just be the reason He is delaying His return.
7. Don’t miss the mark. Like Paul declared in Phillipians 3: 13-14, you must press toward the mark of the price of God’s high calling. You miss this mark, you miss great eternal rewards.
8. Don’t miss the signs of his coming. We are in the last days and the signs of Christ’s soon coming are everywhere (Matthew 24.3-12). You miss these signs, you stand the risk of missing heaven at last.
9. Don’t miss the finishing line. Scripture makes it clear that it is the end of a thing that matters most (Ecclesiastes 7.8). Get to the finishing line. Don’t miss it, so that like Paul you can boldly say, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my cause…” (2Timothy 4.7).

10. Don’t miss the heavenly rewards. Don’t miss the crowns, the stars in the crowns, the new name in glory, the fruits of the tree of life, the beautiful mansions and many other rewards that God has prepared for His own.
Heed this timely counsel. Don’t miss the good things that God has prepared for all those that love Him. Don’t miss the unique blessings God has specially purposed for you. And, above all, don’t miss heaven because if you miss heaven you will cry!
Culled from Christian Women Mirror February edition 2012

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