The Acceptable Kind of Worship

Worship is the act of ascribing worth to someone. It is usually used in a continuous tense. The term ‘worship’ has its root from an old English word ‘worth ship’ it is ascribing to God that which you know to be true about him. Limited understanding of the act, personality and sovereignty of God will makes us limited in ascribing worth to Him on the other hand rich and full understanding of who God is and what he has done lead us to a more informed worship and consequently an acceptable kind of worship.
Acceptable worship is thus ‘

an exercise of the human spirit that is directed primarily to God-the worshipped

‘. When we worship according to Revelation 7:11-12, we join the angels, the cherubim, the seraphim, the prophets, the apostle and the host of heaven who fall down on their faces and exalt the one and only true God.

There are several reasons we must worship God for daily;
1. It’s our primary reason behind all creation
2. It’s our realization of the holiness of God
3. It was instituted by God even in the Old Testament
4. It’s the proper response of a believer
5. It’s the recognition of our unworthiness before God
6. It’s the result of our fearing and reverencing God
7. It’s the manifestation of our relationship towards God making everything else secondary: becomes a binding force upon our lives.

According to John 4:19-24 there are three elements that should characterize our worship they include:
1. ‘Worship The Father’: Recognition of his relationship is paramount to a fulfilling time in his presence. It also underscores the fact that only the children of God-those that are new creatures in Christ, separated from the world and full of passion to please God alone-that can truly offer ‘acceptable worship’

2. ‘In Spirit’: God is a spirit and He can be worshipped everyday, everywhere and in every situation hence worship is not limited to certain locations, or outward forms, ceremonies, etc. Worshipping God is a sacred and spiritual exercise and therefore must be devoid of anything that excite the flesh.

3. ‘In Truth’: Christ must be our object of worship since He is truth personified and He is the ultimate revelation of God to man. Worship is a thankful response to God that is scripturally intelligent. Our worship therefore must be confined to the scriptures.

Credit: DLCF Campus Koinonia Vol. 15


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