There is usually boundless joy when a baby is born. There is even greater joy in heaven among the angels of God when anyone with the Saviour Christ, and is born again, with his sins forgiven; he us blood-washed and made free from all evils. That sudden wake from the deadness and depravity ofbhuman corruption with its freedom from sin’s guilt, causes the heart of new Christian to soar high with joy and gratitude to God.
This is salvation. With this comes a refreshing tenderness towards God, a comforting commitment to His cause, and a hitherto unknown strength and zestbto do the utmost for the loving Lord Jesus Christ.
Everyone who has come this way always desires to maintain this freshness and life. Quite a number of people begin their race with God that way, with great enthusiasm, love and passion for othersbsouls who long to bring to the Saviour.
At times like this, God is so close, His presence so palpable; we dread to lose His fellowship, guidance, companionship and care.
This contrasts sharply with our previous licentious and indulgent lifestyle when we obstinately clung to evil, unconcerned about the dire consequences of our actions against the Almighty God. Now, we live a new life so transparent and clear that others easily see and marvel at the wonders of the miracle of salvation. Old evil habits and wicked practices have passed away, a new life of righteousness has begun (2 Corinthians 5:17). This is the new birth experience, a foretaste of heaven!
However, a time of weariness, discouragement or spiritual dryness could set in, that tends to impede our race to heaven. Sometimes this is caused, ironically, when excessive and uncoordinated business in the gospel work takes us far away from God. The strength we once had dissipates as the burden of the work increases and presses us down from reaching up to God in constant and private prayers and devotion.
Many a time, we are lily-levered; we lack spirit and determination. We feel so dry. We know this when there is no fresh understanding of the Scripture. We read the Bible but do not have fresh revelation. We recall with a deep sense of loss how it used to be when we newly became born again. At the time, we read the Bible like a new book. Our heart was tender. Church songs ministered to our hearts. But then spiritual dryness set in. We read the Bible now, but with no light; we can’t get the message. We search the scriptures for light from both Old and New Testaments but God refuses to speak. No revelation! We try to pray for help; we again return to the Bible with yet nothing refreshing. We are at our wits’ end, and as it were, at a dead end too. We almost give up. This is the pitiable state of spiritual dryness, and it must not be allowed to continue for a long time; if it does, we risk losing every grace, and at the end die spiritually.


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