Part two of keeping fresh spiritually. Check on part one here

Whereas the yet the unsaved us spiritually dead in sin and trespasses, the believer could experience spiritual dryness as a result of a loss of depth in fellowship and relationship with the Lord. You come to a point when you remember days before when it was as if you saw the Lord seated on the throne, high and lifted up. You prayed, sometimes, with your eyes opened. You looked up and said “Father” with gravity, deep with exhilarating feeling; and that brought down the presence of God. But things have changed now! You call “Father”, but with an empty heart, dry, without effect. You call “God”, it does not strike any match! You pray and say the things you used to say formerly with effect, bit now, in vain. There seems to be a rebound of your words from off the ceiling. You feel dry, and like Job, you look, seek and search for God where you used to find Him, but lo! He is not there. You try to preach, but it is so formal, a mere mechanical citation of scripture reading.

That is a state of spiritual dryness. And we must find a solution to it.

At other times spiritual dryness results from inward frustration, internal disenchantment. And, in order to keep a front, we continue our tasks in the church, but no more with the joy we used to have. That joy used to be our strength; it produced in us true live, a blessedness, tenderness and yieldedness  which now are all unknown. When things begun to happen that way, don’t let it continue for a long time. It is a dangerous state. It is a time of numbness, when your response to sermons is cold, unlike before when yoju were smitten, convicted and pierced by the word of God. You don’t like your coldness, but you seem helpless. You look your life over for a possible sin which might be the cause of your present state but you find none. You feel God had totally withdrawn.

What are the causes of spiritual dryness?
The cause are many.
First, when we begin to miss out on devotion with God-a time of private prayer and Bible reading. This is often the result when we give more time to other activities and responsibilities in preference to daily private prayers and Bible reading.
Second, when we continually have busy evenings and prayer less mornibgs. Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry got aorubd that problem by sometimes separating Himself apart, away from the people, to pray unto the Father.
Third, if we live in an environment if unbelief, criticism, strife, arguments, bitterness and hatred, we could become dampened in spirit and become spiritually dry. Imagine a plant well cultivated with good moistured soil around it, and with all probability for healthy growth. But every once and again, someone comes and digs away part of the good soil and replaces that with dryand arid soil.
Fourth, too many travels abroad, far from home, with crammed schedules that are left to chance, can cause spiritual dryness. When we travel away from home, one obvious consequence is that it changes our pattern of life. We do not go to bed, eat, pray and read the Bible when we should. If our usual schedules are distorted that way too often, we risk becoming dry. Moreso, negligence of our commitment made to God at every first service of the year and subsequent months.

How do one become cured of spiritual dryness?
You may never at any time have known true salvation from evil, and therefore you re spiritually insensitive. You need to get stirred up and be saved. If, however, you ha e been saved but feel spiritually dry, then pray for personal revival. Revisit your commitment and determine to stick to it by God’s grace. Besides, keep your spiritual environment free of any materials of unbelief. Moderate your activities to generate faith and confidence in God.

Source: Cover Choice Life Magazine Keeping Fresh


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