Dealing with Inferiority Complex: The Biblical way

Inferiority complex is a social problem posing grave danger to successful living be it social, academic or spiritual life, inferiority complex incapacitates and renders a person weak and ineffective hence the need to deal with it. Particularly in christian service this problem makes the believer not to act in His or her full or God-given capacity.

Inferiority complex can be defined as an acute sense of personal inferiority, persistent sense of inadequacy or a tendency to self-diminishment often resulting in either timidy or (through overcompensation) exaggerated aggressiveness.

However, in reality, inferiority complex has to do with feelings and facts, with expectation and not experience. It is a product of fear as opposed to faith. The feeling of inferiority may come as a result of lack of knowledge or understanding of what God invested in each of us and who we are in Christ. The Bible says the believers are “raised ” up, and are seated together with Christ in “heavenly places” Ephesians 2:6; 2 Corinthians 5:7).

Again, the feeling o inferiority could arise as a result of disapproving negative remarks and evaluations of behaviour that emphazie mistakes and shortcomings by parents, peers or persecutors. It could also be due to physical defects-such as disproportional facial features, weight, height, speech defects-or defective vision. At other times, the feeling of inferiority may arise when unfavorable comparisons are made with superior achievements of others and when satisfactory performance is expected. Some people tend to feel inferior because of their low social background, poor financial status and perceived mental limitations.

Once again, inferiority complex have to do with feeling and not faith, with expectation and not experience.

The various causes of inferiority complex have being outline, next post will be on rising from disappointment to His appointment (change in D for H)

Check on Part 2 here

Credit: Campus Koininia vol 19


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