Excellence In Practice: Meet Our Chief Technologist

Meet a renown Chief Technologist in Physiology/biological matters

Born on the 6th of June in the 19th century, Mr. Nsikanabasi Solomon is a veteran in biological matters so far Medical Laboratory Technology is concerned. An indigene of Nsit Local Government Area of Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria, he currently overseas practical session being the Chief Technologist in the department if Physiology in the University of Uyo. He has learnt the art and craft of laboratory matters through the thick and thin during his training. Over the years, he had momentously gathered working experience from various institutions across the length and breadth of Nigeria.


Chief Technogist

Mr Nsikanabasi started his academic journey after his pre-primary days at Nsit No. 5, Primary School, Obo-Atai in the land of his nativity. He proceeded to Wosley Hall of Correspondence College, Oxford, England obtaining London G.C.E in 1969. Being relentless in his academic pursuit, he went on to get his OND in Biological Sciences at the Premier University of Nigeria (University of Ibadan) and also underwent Laboratory Technology Training programme.
Being a man of great insight and foresight with a singular passion for human health, he went on to get an Advance Certificate in Physiology and Pharmacology of the City and Guide of London Institute in collaboration with the Institute of Science Technology London from 1970 to 1972.

In subsequent years he has been able to get other certificates in reputable institutions cutting across the geographical scope of Nigeria.
From the “About the Author” in his self-written book “Textbook of Practical Physiology” 2nd edition, it us evident that apart from his increase in training and academic qualifications, he is up to brace with the latest in technological advancement which as a result has saw him head various units.

He is proudly the founder of the present National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) formerly ASUTON. He worked with the Department of Human Physiology at the University of Ibadan. He also served as member of the Board of Studies from 1979-1983 at the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi serving as Laboratory head. He further went ahead to University of Jos serving as Chair in practical matters being the Chief Technologist in the department of physiology.

In 1999, returning to his land of nativity, and as the custom had been, it rose within the ranks working as Chief Research Technologist in the Faculty of Pharmacy and moved on to the department of physiology faculty of Basic Medical Science serving as the Chief Technologist in the University of Uyo.


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