Last week Saturday (10th December, 2016) was a day of state-wide mourning as a church building gave way during service killing over 200 worshippers as mentioned by sources. What would have been a political unrest was aviated by a said P.A who took the place of death of the number one person in the state-the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

They had gathered like every other service day singing and praising God from a joyful heart before the unexpected happened. According to a survivor of the incident, as reported by Punch Newspaper Ng, stated that the building collapsed just immediately after a lead singer’s performance at the ordination of the presiding pastor of Reigner Bible Church, Bishop Elect Akan Weeks.

My major concern for writing is the emergency response by the medical team and other relevant agencies in the state. Report have it that the Governor ordered cranes to move into the site to remove the collapsed building as police took charge of the scene endeavoring the safety and rescue of injured worshippers.

A journalist who spoke on radio this morning stated that the emergency response from medical team was quite poor calling it a wake-up call on the part of the government and individuals for preparedness and proper response. He further, spoke on the donation of blood (for injured persons) as not forth-coming due to poor awareness/publicity.

Akwa-Ibom state has a population of 5 million has over 50 primary health clinics is yet to attain the height of promptness in emergency situation (in my opinion). I join hundreds of health workers across the state to ask the government for more equipment, training and capacity development of health personnel. Furthermore, I call on individuals to be ready, when beckon upon for, blood donation leaving behind wrong perception to doing what’s right and needful.

I must at this point appreciate the state ministry of Health and the State government of Akwa-Ibom on their effort in improving the health status of her people especially at the Hands-Up for HIV campaign.

Images courtesy Punch Newspaper Ng

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