Taking Charge of Your 2017

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-Catch your PREY or escape from your HUNTERS.

There is no doubt that many of us regret making some decisions and actions in 2016, which has resulted into different mess while many made a fabulous moment despite the huge economic downturn. Whatever the case maybe, one can still make up and avoid the pitfalls cum 2017. What matters is extracting relevant lessons from them.
My business here quickly is to help create a possible road map on how we can all maximize 2017 and get the best out of it.
I will be practical enough to connect this teaching to myself hereby relating a validated and experienced workout plans.
We are in the age where everyone is seeking attention by initiating one project, initiative or the other. Well, as much as it is nice, some might not be neccesary as it consumes time needed to make more meaningful impact.

To make 2017 a Wow, here are the few things i have personnaly thought of that can help.
kindly note; few of the things i have put together are just key but not limited to them.

Trying to succeed without goals is like playing soccer without goal posts. You
can neither score nor win. It is an open Invitation to frustration!
When it comes to new year, everyone is always optismistic especially in creating new year approah by making long list of do’s and dont’s. Nice… but deliberate and intentional moves makes them work.
Goal-setting is a powerful #key to maximizing your #opportunities and resources in the #newyear
What do you really want?
What do you really want to achieve?
What difference do you really want to make??
As you set goals for 2017, ensure they’re in line with your strategic vision
(the picture of who you will be in some decades). Yearly plan is not enough….
Set goals for spiritual growth, health, family/relationships, education/career,
and finances. True success is balanced.
Write/type your goals. Through writing, your goals make their entrance into
the physical world. Read them frequently.
If our sole goal is to attain the level others have reached, then we are setting our target too low.
Set long term goals (10 years +), medium term goals (5 years), and short
term goals (1 year). if you don’t you will keep rerouting every year.
The Principles of HOW? WHY? WHEN? WHERE? will accelerate your paper work.
Do not fool yourselves into believing that we are moving forward when we are only keeping up with general trends, while the real opportunities are slipping away.
Dont put your two legs in the water you are not sure of the depth.
Don’t run with people you are not sure of their destination
Do what others do only with the sole aim of making difference.

Ask great people, they will tell you how to-do list have helped them structure their lives.
Create on a daily outline of what you want to achieve, it wont allow you to run your life in emptiness.
To do list helps to avoid things like impulse purchase, unwanted or uncalled visits. It updates you of your daily activities.
You must know per time what you are doing and the next one to achieve in clarity.
My To-do list always allow me to properly rate if my day has been well spent or not.

Make it a habit NEVER TO BORROW no matter what in 2017.
In 2016, i had a very serious financial mess due to my negligence and error. I paid a total of #560,000 from accumulated debt, it obstructed many of my plans but was still able to make something out of the year though.
Don’t toil with your financial life, it can handicap your progress for a long time.
Don’t be ashamed to say “You don’t have or can’t afford it” when you are incapacitated.
Learn to say NO… game pads, latest iphone are not neccesities when your library seem shalow and lean.
Another scenario is borrowing to finance a project.
I am not against taking Risk, of course i am a frontliner; but whatever you are not ripe for should not be attained by force.
You are not RIPE for whatever you Borrow to Achieve. Grow your financial stream and be contempted with yourself.
If you want to enjoy your 2017. do away with any thing that will drain you financially.
A man trying to impress people by posting pictures or activities to the social world is only blocking the possible openings of liberation and advantages.
Of what use is flaunting what you dont have or forming who you are not…
Be Original in all you do, don’t give people impression of what you are not. I am personally tired of chatting with CEO’s on facebook whose physical appearance depicts that of a clueless and confused being, apart from running so called enterprise they do not have knowlege of. To be candid, its of no use.
You do not have to create unachievable or hyped profiles for yourselves all in the name of respect or recognition.
Life does not reward base on SIMILARITIES but on DIFFERENCE.
Be content filled.
Do not share or send your achievements to impress, it becomes impressive when people find out themselves.
The greatest level of IMPRESSION is to shock people with RESULTS unimaginable
Your PROFILE is not only the PROOF of your FILE but the EVIDENCE of your LIFE.
Don’t do what others are doing- be unique.
Re-do what others are not re-doing
If we are thinking the same, then no one is thinking.

This is the first time i will be sharing this thought about google. It is so bad young people now have two brains.
Google and theirs.
One can not go far with a preformated and stressless life., it diminshes the ability to generate ideas and constructively develop new solutions.
I am sure you will agree with me on these.
If you truly have the urge to develop and stand out, then google should not be your basic source of reliance. Somebody did create that.
I am not suggesting the outright negligence of research or help when neccessary but we should endeavour to be creative enough to share and build original content.
In some of my previous teachings on 100things you will never be taught in school, i made mention of research methodology.
Students today go on internet to copy and paste all in the name of research.
No wonder we can not boast of new discoveries in Africa anymore.
I once listened to a 9year old boy on NTA whose ambition was to become the president of Nigeria someday with numerous manifestoes on ground already. One of them include Buying cars for all members of his family and building two gigantic structures for his parents. hmnn…
Well, many of us have wants that are outrageous, unachievable and unattainable.
As we grow to 2017, slimfit your want, many of them are of no use anyway.
Excessess: Sleep less, Eat less- it weighs you down when you are suppose to study(some people might want to crucify me for this one), chat less, talk less… you all know them.
Be smart enough to know who is wasting your time and those helping you maximize them.
The truth be told, you can not keep time-killers and make a meaningful life.
They surround us on daily basis debating irrelevant and unproductive discussions.
It’s time to say NO and be KNOWN.

People have always being the people God will send to help people.
People have always being the people Devil will send to destroy people.
It’s equally profitable to note that people of importance always appear simple and mild, they hardly share fascinating thoughts you can like or share.
Joseph Arithmatea who helped jesus carry his cross was never a celebrity nor a public figure. Infact his name was never mentioned again after that scene, but he achieved a very significant task.
Be wise enough to identify those that have been positioned to help you in the coming year.
May God open our eyes.
Find time to identify SILENTLY VOICED and Content Filled Individuals on your list.
Prune your contact from time to time and delete as appropriate.
There are some useless (so called) people on our list who knows useful people that can connect us to the place we desire in life.
MAXIMIZE your contact

Our campuses today is filled with so many irrational things that looks so fascinating to us.
Anything that fascinates can assasinate you.
Phones, laptops, Politics, Friends, Party, etc
They are as dangerous as Danger itself.

There are different colours in the market.
BLUE: Celestial Blue, Imperial Blue, Palatinate Blue, Presidential Blue, Queen Blue, NYPD Blue, Police Strobe, Air Force Blue, Navy Blue, Cadet Blue, Royal Blue, Skye blue etc
If you don’t know what you want, you will fall for the less.

I will, i might are dangerous words to do away with while planning your new year.

You can achieve more when you run with like minds.
You can run fast alone, but you can run Far in the company of partners
Many of us who kickstart projects are looking for self glorification, loves titles like CEO, MD, COO, etc. If it has nit been working for you, make a you turn and partner with people.

Guys… if by now God is an option in your life, you are a fool.
It’s time to all realize that God only has the power to increase, inspire, motivate, help and bring all plans to fulfilment.
Make it a plan to draw closer to him more than before and i am sure it will be a worthwhile decision.
It is my wish and prayer that 2017 will bringforth multiple fruit, end fruitless journey and accelerate progress.
For me : it has been tagged a year of NEXT level and GRANDSTYLE..
All these thoughts can be viewed and downloaded on my blog. http://www.aocviews.wordpress.com
I celebrate you all.

Ademola Ogunlade is founder STRIDES Magazine and is passionate about the youths.

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