Discuss With The Director of Health, SUG Uniuyo about World Cancer Day

February 4: Cancer Day Awareness Campaign

All is now set for World Cancer Day Sensitization Awareness campaign organized by the Office of Health, Students’ Union Government to consolidate effort by the World Health Organization in the creation of awareness and advocacy of regular examination for early detection and possible treatment with the theme “We Can, I Can”.


Comr Gabriel Eyo

In an interview with the Director of Health, Comrade Gabriel Eyo on Wednesday, said “the office of the director of health in collaboration with the three health related faculties; Faculties of Clinical Science, Basic Medical Science, and Pharmacy is doing a cancer awareness campaign”. He outlined events to mark World Cancer day to be “from 10am to 12pm there will representatives from each faculty on Uniuyo FM, discussing cancer and its effect on students. By 5pm, there will be candle light walk for those who have died of cancer as well as those who survived”. The walk which is to take center stage from the school’s environs through Ikpa Road, Ikot-Ekpene Road, and Abak Road, will come to a halt in the school’s annex field where the sky lantern will be lighted in honour of survivors and lost ones.

There are said to be over 200 different types of cancer including anal cancer, bladder cancer, bone cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer amongst other. Cancer cells are characterized by their ability to divide rapidly and grow (angiogenesis) enabling their spread throughout the body through the blood or lymphatic system, destroying healthy tissue in the process (invasion). Cancer tissue are known to compete with normal tissues for nutrients, their continual proliferation starve normal tissue which consequently affect organs and system of the body in a long run leading to nutritive death.



Comr. Gabriel Eyo further sited examples of students of the University of Uyo who have died of cancer hence the need for awareness. In his words, “Uniuyo have lost about two students for cancer both of which are Engineering students; one Mr. Idiana Etim who died of skin cancer and in 2013 Ms. Idara died of Leukemia”. The director further buttress the need for cancer awareness “cancer is fast growing in Nigeria, cancer of the prostrate kills faster than HIV or malaria in male and in female, breast cancer is the second largest killer of female in Nigeria.

It’s high time we bring to the knowledge of student this trend in the health sector most especially to give them preventive tips to enable them avoid these cancers


Mr. Abasino Great, a member of Health Care Committee, office of the Director of Health, SUG lent his voice advocating for early detention through regular examination as the panacea of sudden death due to cancer. In his words “we need to be aware of these cancers and the need for regular checkup by visiting health care facilities.

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