An Overview of the Nigerian Health Policy

The Nigeria health system

Bombarded with quality health policies both mental and physical health provision for its citizenry, the Nigerian health system has for years seek to improve through awareness, prompt emergency response and free treatment amongst other measures, the lifestyle and other factors that facilitate the wellbeing of Nigerians. The primary health care being the third tier on the ladder of the health sector, serve as the avenue through which all and sundry can run to in times of health crises with the assurance of receiving if not comprehensive but at least first-hand medical attention and treatment. Most evident in this case is the diagnosis and treatment of malaria. Across the century, in virtually every pharmacy store and primary health centre, boldly written on posters are the words “not every fever is malaria” advocating for a “Rapid malaria test” usually done within 3 minutes or less and if confirmed, malaria drug (ACT) is prescribed/given at affordable price.



According to the foreword in the revised health policy by the then honourable minister of health in 2004, Professor Eyitayo Lambo, who stated the relationship between the health policy and the health care system nationwide “the national health policy represents the collective will of the government and people of this country to provide a comprehensive health care system that is based on primary health care”. The health policies which provide the foundation for the planning, organization and management of the nation’s overall health system.

The national health policy encompasses major intention program as setup by the ministry of health at the federal level including HIV/AID, roll back malaria, Immunization, control of onchocerciasis, control of tuberculosis and leprosy, blood transfusion, elimination of female genital mutilation; others include reproductive health, adolescent health, food and nutrition, child health policy, drug policy and food and hygiene policy. With each providing overall goals and strategies for their implementation.

Over the years, such measures taken by the government in the form of interventions have yielded positive results across the nation as incident cases of some disease have been properly handed as reported in some quarters.

To be continued….

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