Interview with a Physiologist in the making

Find out more about this intriguing interview with the Director of Health, uniuyo, Comrade Ekpedeme Inwang inaugurated on the 29th of September 2015 as the Director of Health, Student Union Government shares with me great insight into his life and career. Starting off with his course of study, Physiology, he emphasized the fact that it was ‘a destined destination’ for him. Bringing up to brace His determination to cause a change in health matters and using His position judiciously for the betterment of others. He rounds up with pieces of advice for youngsters in physiology with ‘what you believe is what will come to pass’. Below is an excerpt from the interview conducted by Jeremiah Anietie a Physiology student year one on the 9th of October, 2015.
Q. May I meet you Sir?
A. Good evening, I remain Comrade Ekpedeme Inwang, from the department of physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Science, University of Uyo.
Q. What’s your favourite book?
A. I’ll</strong> say that the first book I love to read always is the Bible because that’s where the wisdom of everything is well equipped. I also love to read inspirational books, success principals, books that talk about leadership, business. (Not a fan of poetry).
Q. Was your coming to physiology an accident or Intentional?
A. I’ll say that it was a destined destiny. I applied over two years for Medicine & Surgery, but I told God I want to be distinguished Medical Practitioner. When I saw myself in physiology, I didn’t really understand what it meant. I paid attention to it, developed passion and interest, I accepted it as my destination of choice and zeroed my mind to making a difference at the end of the day. Physiology was a destined destination for me.
Q. What aspect of physiology is of great interest to you?
A. I’m very much interested in all areas of physiology. I love cardiovascular physiology, endocrinology and Almighty Reproductive physiology because looking at the society most marriage problems is reproduction related. I also love neurophysiology. I would specialize in any field.
Q. Can you describe you experience as a physiology student?
A. my experience so far in physiology is boundless and I can tell you that this is the best department in the field of Medicine. Physiology stands as the mother of medics. Both Medical Doctors and pharmacist are trained in the field of physiology. I’m proud to be a physiologist. Physiology has gone out of medics, courses like criminology uses salivary secretion in crime detection. It is an area where neurophysiology intertwines with gastrointestinal physiology because fear and anxiety can cause reduction in salivary secretion. Physiology is a course that tells you what happens to you when you sleep, when you eat, why you wake-up. Physiology is life. God started physiology, after creation He breath into man’s nostrils and so the first system that was activated is the respiratory system.
Q. What office/position have you held so far?
A. Never stand by yourself and decide things for yourself. Sometimes the destiny of man is determined neither by the man’s decision or Heaven’s will but by the two parties when they have a concomitant agreement. God ordains and make a king. I started as a class representative from year one second semester, ran for the Editor General of Basic Medical Science Association, BAMASSA, in the faculty and won as Editor1. In my year two, I was inaugurated as Director of Information Students’ Physiological Association of Nigeria, SPAN, uniuyo caretaker committee. It is unconstitutional to carry on with two offices but because I was found best fitted, I was given permission to run both offices concomitantly. But before leaving office I developed interest in serving Nigerian student as Director of Health.
Q. after Physiology what’s next?
A. It all depends on what God ask me to do. Everything we do in life we need God’s grace. If it’s God’s will I go back to Medicine, surely I’ll go back there and I’ll do better. May do masters in physiology but still see myself as a physiology student. That’s what I’ll stand for till the end.
Q. When were you inaugurated as Director of Health, SUG?
A. I was officially sworn into office 29th September 2015.
Q. What is your responsibility as the Director of Health?
A. My responsibility relies on the name, Health; anything health related that can either enhance or antagonize your health is my work. Starting from the canteen, the food we eat, water used in cooking the food, plates used in serving, places students sit to eat are all health related if any of these things mentioned are not well sanitized then your health is not guaranteed. Hostels sanity, working also hand-in-hand with the school clinic so that Nigerian student can always be served well. Also as a Director of Health, it is my responsibility of creating health awareness which forms one of my sole projects. Like pharmacy department, the president Comrade Timbre, who carried out breast cancer awareness. Information dissemination in form of tracts or organizing symposium, rally, workshop or seminar.
Q. What inspired you to run for this office?
A. poor quality of food we eat also I have always had this urge for humanitarian service. I just believe I can make a difference, I can offer something to Nigerian student. In summary, it is just God’s will.
Q. What are the challenges encountered and possible solutions?
A. Getting across Nigeria student, informing and organizing them. As a leader you always face opposition also financial crises and time. Learning from my past leadership position, i learn to listen, to run a good administration in which everyone’s opinion is important, an administration in which if you have what to offer, tell us and we’ll join hands together to achieve it, an administration that will sing the symphony of vision gathered minds, common goal relationship. I also ask for God’s grace.
Q. How do you hope to address reaching out to Nigeria student?
A. setting up a strong tax force to checkmate canteen operators. Calling all canteen operators for a meeting for a dialogue, I’m not to use my position to threaten anyone. As the bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and before honour is humility. Knowing their challenges and presenting the student’s challenges as well to effectively do that, a questionnaire will be sent across the campus where student can express their mind.
Q. Rounding up, can you describe your stay so far in uniuyo?
A. Stay in this school is the best thing I have done. To maintain what you start matters. It is a place where you get what you want. It is a very mysterious island another world entirely where you see a lot of things. Personally, my stay here have been advantages, insightful, hilarious, educative, building me up and also stretch me.
Q. What advise do you have for up and coming physiology student and Nigerian students?
A. To my beautiful young colleagues coming on board and those yet to come, I’ll say that you’ve not made a wrong choice in choosing physiology. What you believe is what will come to pass. I always believe in doctrine of doing better, I always try to bring out the best in me wherever I find myself. I want to say do not be discouraged. It is only when we have a voice, resources, values and capability embedded in us that is when we will come to making the changes we desire. Take it as the only opportunity you have to make a difference in the society. To the entire Nigerian student as regards their health, with God’s grace and their co-operation their health is guaranteed.