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Kevin East is the President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas.

There are many things I wish someone would have told me when I turned 18. As I shared in a previous post, I was given the opportunity to write a young man a letter recently, passing any wisdom to this young man that I thought would be appropriate. I did, but I felt that my letter came up short. It did because it barely scratched the surface of what I wish someone would have told me.

For this reason, I have written another letter. Although it is addressed to one man, it would be what I would tell any young man entering college.


I was honored to write you a letter this past week. However, thinking back over what I said, I think I came up terribly short. As usual, I could always blame the brevity of my note to the fact I am busy, that I have a large family, or that my responsibilities with work were getting the best of me. The problem is, if I said that, I’d be just like most other men in America; making excuses for coming up short.

The truth is, I was more concerned with sounding good than saying something good. Austin, I believe in you too much to simply tell you to choose maturity throughout life. In the next few years, you will go through such a shaping season of your life. I have watched good men make decisions during this time that would alter their life dramatically.

That being said, here are a few points I want to pass along:

Pornography kills marriages. Austin, this is serious. I’ve sat across many tables with college guys in tears because they were addicted to looking at naked women on computer screens. They knew they hated looking at it, but sin’s web was tightly constricting them. Remember that this isn’t just about keeping your eyes pure. It is also about not setting your wife up to fail. What these guys look at on computers is not real. It is a sick fantasy. The producers of porn take air-brushed, plastic women, and have them act like they have the sex drive of men.

Men arrive in marriage with unreal expectations, and the damage done takes years to unravel.

Men need friends. You need good, solid guys that can lock arms with you and walk life next to you. In college many guys start living life “around” other guys, but never with them. Austin, find some guys that want to honor God with their lives. Seek to know them, and allow them to know you. As you get older, this becomes even more difficult, so learn early how critical this really is.

God’s grace is deep. Some of my most profound realizations about the goodness of God came while I was in college. Growing up, I didn’t have the slightest desire to read books. Given the decision, I would have picked doing something outside fun and active as opposed to reading. Yet, after I became a Christian, this changed.

Take advantage of your college years to dive deep in God’s Word. Study it. Reflect on it. Memorize it. Ask someone to teach it to you. Austin, you are a good man, raised in a great family. Yet, you have so much to learn about the depths of the riches of God’s love. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Don’t focus so much on your grades that you miss an education. Austin, I know you have a 4.0 right now. That is great. I had that as well until my first conduct grades in 1st grade. It was all downhill from there. As you go through college, studying hard and trying to excel is important, but don’t put in on a throne it didn’t belong.

Take advantage of opportunities to “cut your teeth” leading. Go on mission trips where you can learn that God doesn’t just speak English. Look at other cultures to understand what real poverty looks like. When you finish college, all these experiences will have shaped you.

Above all else. This is a chapter title from the book Spiritual Leadership . In this chapter, he talks about the need for leadership that is Spirit-led. Austin, this world needs men who are under the authority of the Lord Jesus. Be purposeful in stopping to place your heart under His. Great leadership doesn’t come from “technique-ing” people. It comes from wisdom and discernment that is God-given. So go to Him, and ask. He’ll give it.

As I told you in my first letter, I believe in you, Austin. I look forward to watching God’s shaping hand on your life. Come sit on my porch anytime if you’d like to discuss this further.

Walk in great grace, and speak with great power (Acts 4:33),


The infinitely wise and gracious God!
("Every Day!" Author unknown, 1872) "We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God--to those who are called according to His purpose!" Romans 8:28  We love Him--because He first loved us! When we know and believe the love that God has to us--then we love Him in return. And as we increase in the knowledge of Him--we love Him not only on account of what He has done for us, but also on account of what He is in Himself. As we see His glory in the face of Jesus Christ--we adore Him and delight in Him.  Happy is the state, and glorious are the privileges of all who love God.  God causes all things to work together  together for their good . . .   all their trials and their comforts,   all their sorrows and their joys,   all their temptations and their consolations, are so arranged by the wisdom and goodness of God, their Father, that they contribute . . .   to their spiritual good,   to the humbling of their spirit,   to their deliverance from sin and self,   and to their glorying only in the Lord.  In themselves, many of the things which befall the Lord's people would be evil--even as in medicine, some of the ingredients are poisonous. But as a skillful physician so mixes the toxic ingredients that they work together for the health and cure of the patient--so the infinitely wise and gracious God makes all things work together for the final and eternal well-being of His people!    ~  ~  ~  ~ For further reading: John MacDuff, "The Heart Wounded!"    ~  ~  ~  ~ Feel free to forward these gems to others who may be encouraged or profited by them! Grace Gems (choice ELECTRONIC books, sermons & quotes) Grace Audio Treasures (choice AUDIO sermons)
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Inferiority Complex Part 2

Continuation of my initial post on inferiority complex.

People suffering from inferiority complex often see themselves less attractive or less intelligent than others, or incompetent in their duties and professional callings. Sometimes, such people are in desperation to hear complimentary remarks made about their persons, their achievements for accomplishments.

Inferiority complex is sometimes reflected in tendency to shift blame or avoid personal responsibility for ones one’s failure.

Usually, persons suffering from inferiority complex get overly sensitive to criticism, no matter how constructive.

See also: Inferior Complex Part 1

Inferiority complex is a major hindrance to evangelism on campus, as believers who have such feeling often appear too intimidated to confront sinners or rebuke unwary believers who are doing the wrong.
Sometimes, campus Christians are overwhelmed by the appearance of so-called sophisticated students, when in reality such unbelieving students are merely disguising or covering up their mysteries with fashion and fad.
The Psalmist says, the righteous are as bold as a lion, then there is no justification for the believer to be bogged down under the heavy weight of inferiority complex, self-pity or fear (Proverbs 28:1).

The first step to overcoming inferiority complex is to affirm our position in Christ (Ephesians 2:6; Habakkuk 3:19). By virtue of the new birth, the Christian is placed higher than the world and all the negative situations in life.

The second step is to assure ourselves of God’s love for us as His dearly beloved children. Such love should banish all feelings of inferiority from our hearts and lives.

In conclusion, in order to fulfill our God-given calling or divine purpose in life, we must focus on God’s power in us, on His promises and love: not on fears or weakness (2 Timothy 1:7).

Source: Campus Koinonia Vol. 19

Dealing with Inferiority Complex: The Biblical way

Inferiority complex is a social problem posing grave danger to successful living be it social, academic or spiritual life, inferiority complex incapacitates and renders a person weak and ineffective hence the need to deal with it. Particularly in christian service this problem makes the believer not to act in His or her full or God-given capacity.

Inferiority complex can be defined as an acute sense of personal inferiority, persistent sense of inadequacy or a tendency to self-diminishment often resulting in either timidy or (through overcompensation) exaggerated aggressiveness.

However, in reality, inferiority complex has to do with feelings and facts, with expectation and not experience. It is a product of fear as opposed to faith. The feeling of inferiority may come as a result of lack of knowledge or understanding of what God invested in each of us and who we are in Christ. The Bible says the believers are “raised ” up, and are seated together with Christ in “heavenly places” Ephesians 2:6; 2 Corinthians 5:7).

Again, the feeling o inferiority could arise as a result of disapproving negative remarks and evaluations of behaviour that emphazie mistakes and shortcomings by parents, peers or persecutors. It could also be due to physical defects-such as disproportional facial features, weight, height, speech defects-or defective vision. At other times, the feeling of inferiority may arise when unfavorable comparisons are made with superior achievements of others and when satisfactory performance is expected. Some people tend to feel inferior because of their low social background, poor financial status and perceived mental limitations.

Once again, inferiority complex have to do with feeling and not faith, with expectation and not experience.

The various causes of inferiority complex have being outline, next post will be on rising from disappointment to His appointment (change in D for H)

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Credit: Campus Koininia vol 19

Former University Don Turns Preacher

…celebrating Baba as He turns 75 years

Celebrating in a great style, doing God’s work as his heart beat has always been-winning souls for God’s kingdom ministering live (Monday Bible Study) at a stadium in Delta state.
Just yesterday, he was at Uyo Township stadium in the state of Akwa-Ibon for a ‘Superlative Sunday Worship’ with the state governor (Governor Udom Emmanuel) in attendance.

He later went to Port-Harcourt for an open air crusade the evening of the same day.

William Folunsho Kumuyi, a former university don popularly called Pastor Kumuyi was born on the 6th of June, 1941 into an Anglican home ‘a very strict Christian home’ where they get up in the morning, read the bible, sang hymns and go to church regularly. A native of Erin-Ijesha, Osun state, Nigeria. He is a Pastor, Author, Televangelist as well as missionary.
He is known and respected for his stand on the subject of Holiness, devotional life and his expository sytle when preaching.

Though born into a Christian family, yet without a salvation experience, he proceeded to secondary school where he ‘lost interest in church because our principal taught us athesim’. But on the arrival of a group of singers and preachers from a gospel church, he got born again as a result of their preaching on the 5th of April, 1964. From thence, he devoted his time to reading books by John Wesley, Charles Finney, Charles Spurgeon and lots of other books. He later joined the Scripture Union and grew in leaps and bounds in his christian faith.
In 1961, he completed Hus secondary school education and proceeded to the university of Ibadan where he bagged a first class degree in Mathematics. He pciked up his teaching job at Mayflower school and after five years, he proceeded to University of Lagos for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education becoming a lecturer later in 1973.

“In 1973, while serving as Math lecturer at the university of Lagos, W.F. Kumuyi started a bible study group with 15 university students who had come to home requesting training in the scripture. By the ear 1980’s that small group had grown to several thousand, at which time Deeper Life Bible Church was formerly established. With memebrshil growing by leaps and bounds as records has it that by 1988 the congregation had grown to 50,000 and now numbers 120,000 members, making it the third largest christian church in the world.

Being a man with a great heart for God and souls, Pastor Kumuyi had travelled far and wide through the length and breadth of Africa and beyond to win souls for God’s kingdom.

A teacher by nature coupled with his apostolic calling, he teaches with a systematic and expository approach to God’s word ministering every Monday via satellite, preaching “line upon line and precepts upon precepts.”

Credits: Wikipedia,

More on Pastor Kumuyi’s life to come.
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Part two of keeping fresh spiritually. Check on part one here

Whereas the yet the unsaved us spiritually dead in sin and trespasses, the believer could experience spiritual dryness as a result of a loss of depth in fellowship and relationship with the Lord. You come to a point when you remember days before when it was as if you saw the Lord seated on the throne, high and lifted up. You prayed, sometimes, with your eyes opened. You looked up and said “Father” with gravity, deep with exhilarating feeling; and that brought down the presence of God. But things have changed now! You call “Father”, but with an empty heart, dry, without effect. You call “God”, it does not strike any match! You pray and say the things you used to say formerly with effect, bit now, in vain. There seems to be a rebound of your words from off the ceiling. You feel dry, and like Job, you look, seek and search for God where you used to find Him, but lo! He is not there. You try to preach, but it is so formal, a mere mechanical citation of scripture reading.

That is a state of spiritual dryness. And we must find a solution to it.

At other times spiritual dryness results from inward frustration, internal disenchantment. And, in order to keep a front, we continue our tasks in the church, but no more with the joy we used to have. That joy used to be our strength; it produced in us true live, a blessedness, tenderness and yieldedness  which now are all unknown. When things begun to happen that way, don’t let it continue for a long time. It is a dangerous state. It is a time of numbness, when your response to sermons is cold, unlike before when yoju were smitten, convicted and pierced by the word of God. You don’t like your coldness, but you seem helpless. You look your life over for a possible sin which might be the cause of your present state but you find none. You feel God had totally withdrawn.

What are the causes of spiritual dryness?
The cause are many.
First, when we begin to miss out on devotion with God-a time of private prayer and Bible reading. This is often the result when we give more time to other activities and responsibilities in preference to daily private prayers and Bible reading.
Second, when we continually have busy evenings and prayer less mornibgs. Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry got aorubd that problem by sometimes separating Himself apart, away from the people, to pray unto the Father.
Third, if we live in an environment if unbelief, criticism, strife, arguments, bitterness and hatred, we could become dampened in spirit and become spiritually dry. Imagine a plant well cultivated with good moistured soil around it, and with all probability for healthy growth. But every once and again, someone comes and digs away part of the good soil and replaces that with dryand arid soil.
Fourth, too many travels abroad, far from home, with crammed schedules that are left to chance, can cause spiritual dryness. When we travel away from home, one obvious consequence is that it changes our pattern of life. We do not go to bed, eat, pray and read the Bible when we should. If our usual schedules are distorted that way too often, we risk becoming dry. Moreso, negligence of our commitment made to God at every first service of the year and subsequent months.

How do one become cured of spiritual dryness?
You may never at any time have known true salvation from evil, and therefore you re spiritually insensitive. You need to get stirred up and be saved. If, however, you ha e been saved but feel spiritually dry, then pray for personal revival. Revisit your commitment and determine to stick to it by God’s grace. Besides, keep your spiritual environment free of any materials of unbelief. Moderate your activities to generate faith and confidence in God.

Source: Cover Choice Life Magazine Keeping Fresh


There is usually boundless joy when a baby is born. There is even greater joy in heaven among the angels of God when anyone with the Saviour Christ, and is born again, with his sins forgiven; he us blood-washed and made free from all evils. That sudden wake from the deadness and depravity ofbhuman corruption with its freedom from sin’s guilt, causes the heart of new Christian to soar high with joy and gratitude to God.
This is salvation. With this comes a refreshing tenderness towards God, a comforting commitment to His cause, and a hitherto unknown strength and zestbto do the utmost for the loving Lord Jesus Christ.
Everyone who has come this way always desires to maintain this freshness and life. Quite a number of people begin their race with God that way, with great enthusiasm, love and passion for othersbsouls who long to bring to the Saviour.
At times like this, God is so close, His presence so palpable; we dread to lose His fellowship, guidance, companionship and care.
This contrasts sharply with our previous licentious and indulgent lifestyle when we obstinately clung to evil, unconcerned about the dire consequences of our actions against the Almighty God. Now, we live a new life so transparent and clear that others easily see and marvel at the wonders of the miracle of salvation. Old evil habits and wicked practices have passed away, a new life of righteousness has begun (2 Corinthians 5:17). This is the new birth experience, a foretaste of heaven!
However, a time of weariness, discouragement or spiritual dryness could set in, that tends to impede our race to heaven. Sometimes this is caused, ironically, when excessive and uncoordinated business in the gospel work takes us far away from God. The strength we once had dissipates as the burden of the work increases and presses us down from reaching up to God in constant and private prayers and devotion.
Many a time, we are lily-levered; we lack spirit and determination. We feel so dry. We know this when there is no fresh understanding of the Scripture. We read the Bible but do not have fresh revelation. We recall with a deep sense of loss how it used to be when we newly became born again. At the time, we read the Bible like a new book. Our heart was tender. Church songs ministered to our hearts. But then spiritual dryness set in. We read the Bible now, but with no light; we can’t get the message. We search the scriptures for light from both Old and New Testaments but God refuses to speak. No revelation! We try to pray for help; we again return to the Bible with yet nothing refreshing. We are at our wits’ end, and as it were, at a dead end too. We almost give up. This is the pitiable state of spiritual dryness, and it must not be allowed to continue for a long time; if it does, we risk losing every grace, and at the end die spiritually.

The Acceptable Kind of Worship

Worship is the act of ascribing worth to someone. It is usually used in a continuous tense. The term ‘worship’ has its root from an old English word ‘worth ship’ it is ascribing to God that which you know to be true about him. Limited understanding of the act, personality and sovereignty of God will makes us limited in ascribing worth to Him on the other hand rich and full understanding of who God is and what he has done lead us to a more informed worship and consequently an acceptable kind of worship.
Acceptable worship is thus ‘

an exercise of the human spirit that is directed primarily to God-the worshipped

‘. When we worship according to Revelation 7:11-12, we join the angels, the cherubim, the seraphim, the prophets, the apostle and the host of heaven who fall down on their faces and exalt the one and only true God.

There are several reasons we must worship God for daily;
1. It’s our primary reason behind all creation
2. It’s our realization of the holiness of God
3. It was instituted by God even in the Old Testament
4. It’s the proper response of a believer
5. It’s the recognition of our unworthiness before God
6. It’s the result of our fearing and reverencing God
7. It’s the manifestation of our relationship towards God making everything else secondary: becomes a binding force upon our lives.

According to John 4:19-24 there are three elements that should characterize our worship they include:
1. ‘Worship The Father’: Recognition of his relationship is paramount to a fulfilling time in his presence. It also underscores the fact that only the children of God-those that are new creatures in Christ, separated from the world and full of passion to please God alone-that can truly offer ‘acceptable worship’

2. ‘In Spirit’: God is a spirit and He can be worshipped everyday, everywhere and in every situation hence worship is not limited to certain locations, or outward forms, ceremonies, etc. Worshipping God is a sacred and spiritual exercise and therefore must be devoid of anything that excite the flesh.

3. ‘In Truth’: Christ must be our object of worship since He is truth personified and He is the ultimate revelation of God to man. Worship is a thankful response to God that is scripturally intelligent. Our worship therefore must be confined to the scriptures.

Credit: DLCF Campus Koinonia Vol. 15


Easter celebration may be over but its impart on our lives can remain. What has Calvary brought to humanity and how do we enjoy such gain. Find out more…

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died vicariously for the sins of humanity. Haven suffered great agony and humiliation being crucified amidst two thieves, after He had been scourged and battered by Roman soldiers according to Matthew 27: 26-30, 35-40.
Probably the devil thought he had seen the end of Him and evil had overcome good by crucifying the blessed Lord. But alas He ressurected on the third day, and secured for humanity victory over Satan, sin and death. 1Peter 1:3 tells us his resurrection gave us a lively hope: ‘Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his adundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.’

Here are some of the gains of the cross.
*Redemption: At the cross, we obtain pardon from God, and we were freed from the slavery of sin. Jesus’ shed blood ransomed us from the judgement to come, and redeemed us to God (Revelations 5:9)
*Deliverance: The cross delivered us from the bondage of sin and Satan. Jesus’ death and resurrection decimated Satan’s kingdom, and freed us from the power of sin and the dominion of principalities, powers and every evil work Colossians 2:14-15)
*Access to God: Through Christ death, the cross became the bridge from us to God now we have direct access to God and His grace anytime and anywhere (Romans 5:2; Ephesians 2:18)
*Reconciliation: The cross reconciled us to God permanently, Hallelujah! We who were once enemies of God and alienated from His life because of our ignorance and sin have now been reconciled with Him (Romans 5:10; Ephesians 4: 18)
*Victory over death: As Christians, we are not afraid of death because the cross has given us victory over the power of death (1Thessalonians 4:13-14)
*Adoption into God’s family: Through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross, we are accepted into the heavenly family of God resulting in a cordial relationship as we’ll as fellowship with the Father and the Son, we arebheirs of God, joint heirs with Son, and we can freely cry Abba Father (Romans 8:15, 17; Galatians 4:7)
*Healing and health: Through His death, Jesus purchased for us healing and health from all kinds of sickness and infirmities (Isaiah 53:5)
*Reigning with Christ eternally: Jesus’ death on the cross gave us the benefits of reigning with Him in heaven when our work here on earth is done (Revelations 20:6)

Other gains of the cross includes sanctification, baptism in the Holy Spirit, divine protection and provision as well as answers to prayer.
Repentance from all sin and acceptance of Jesus as Saviour and Lord, marks the beginning of heaven on earth with blessings unlimited.

Source: ‘Manuals’ Christian Women Mirror’ April edition 2016.


As a continuation of my first post on this theme “Don’t miss it” I believe you were blessed by it. Today I’ll be continuing with six more. It is important to sit back and prayerfully consider these points to get maximum benefits out of them and in a broader sense out of life.
Once again, ‘there are certain things you cannot afford to miss as you journey through life because they make your journey fruitful and worthwhile’.
5. Don’t miss the true solution to life’s problems. Jesus is the solution to the world’s problems. Missing Him exposes you to a life of hardships and struggles.
6. Don’t miss the Great Commission. If there’s any reason Christ’s coming is still delayed it will be because there’s yet a lost man who hasn’t had the chance to hear of the Saviour’s love (Matthew 24:14). Don’t miss giving out the message of God’s love; you may just be the reason He is delaying His return.
7. Don’t miss the mark. Like Paul declared in Phillipians 3: 13-14, you must press toward the mark of the price of God’s high calling. You miss this mark, you miss great eternal rewards.
8. Don’t miss the signs of his coming. We are in the last days and the signs of Christ’s soon coming are everywhere (Matthew 24.3-12). You miss these signs, you stand the risk of missing heaven at last.
9. Don’t miss the finishing line. Scripture makes it clear that it is the end of a thing that matters most (Ecclesiastes 7.8). Get to the finishing line. Don’t miss it, so that like Paul you can boldly say, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my cause…” (2Timothy 4.7).

10. Don’t miss the heavenly rewards. Don’t miss the crowns, the stars in the crowns, the new name in glory, the fruits of the tree of life, the beautiful mansions and many other rewards that God has prepared for His own.
Heed this timely counsel. Don’t miss the good things that God has prepared for all those that love Him. Don’t miss the unique blessings God has specially purposed for you. And, above all, don’t miss heaven because if you miss heaven you will cry!
Culled from Christian Women Mirror February edition 2012

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